Prof.  Rajeevan Chandel and Dr Rohit Dhiman, two faculty members of National Institute of Technology (NIT) Hamirpur have patented their invention “Method and System for Enriching Life in Humanly Maintained Aquaculture Environment.”

The patent has been granted to them for proposing a novel integrated system for remote monitoring of the multiple aquatic parameters in industrial applications.

The inventor’s breakthrough – a real time monitoring systems designed through Internet of Things can provide information to the farmers regarding aqua parameters using sensor nodes on periodic basis.

 Telling about the invention Dr Chandel said, “The system comprises of a floating sensor nodes consisting of multiple sensors to measure aqua parameters. It also consists of a base station for transferring the measured parameters received from sensor node of a particular site to a remote unit and has global positioning system (GPS) to give location of each sensor node and a communication module for transmitting the measured data to base station”.

“Moreover, the system employs a remote monitoring unit for receiving data from multiple base stations for storing, analysis and alerting. A software application to access the real time parameters data on smart device of user and an actuator node for regulation of the aqua parameters are the other significant features of the present invention”, she adds .

Dr. Chandel is Professor and Dr. Rohit Dhiman an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at NIT Hamirpur.

Director of the institute Prof. H. M. Suryawanshi has congratulated the faculty members for this achievement.

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