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Life is mysterious and unpredictable for everyone – sometimes sparkling with colours of life while somber and gloomy at times.

It is full of varied colours but unpredictability makes it challenging and adventurous. However, every aspect of life is a unique experience and memory, turning it into a different story.     

Everyone likes to share the stories of life and keeping this in mind we are going to start this forum.  If you have interesting episodes to narrate, please do share for the forum.

Don’t bother about language; the idea is just to narrate the experiences, without any hesitation.

If you have a story to tell for the Colours of Life, please feel free to send it in about three hundred words through e-mail or Whatsapp.

Hope you would enjoy reading and writing about the Colours of Life.

Dharam Prakash Gupta

E-mail: [email protected]

Whatsapp: 9816010020

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33 thoughts on “Colours Of Life

    1. Life has many colours, many people would want to narrate their experience of life in the forum “Colours of Life” you launched. It would be a good initiative . Wishing you the great success.

  1. Hope your endeavour is a great success adding colour and zest to the readers

  2. Great initiative. I hope it will enrich your readers with marvellous experiences of the contributors.

  3. Nice initiative. You can and you have done excellent work in journalism, and will bring colours to this initiative also. My good wishes👍

  4. Looks very exciting and wonderful idea.
    Thanks so much dear for initiating it.

  5. Great idea. Very innovative.
    Congratulations to you Sir for the initiative. Accept my best wishes and regards.🙏

  6. Congratulations to you Sir for the initiative. Accept my best wishes and regards

  7. Congratulations to you Sir for the amazing idea. Accept my best wishes and

  8. I deeply appreciate your initiative. It will be really interesting. Participation from a wide range of friends will really make this forum a real rainbow 🌈 of ‘Colours Of Life’!

    1. Thank you so much Professor Sahib . Looking forward to get interesting episodes .

  9. Undoubtedly big innitiative .I wish all success in your endeavour and looking forward for interesting articles .

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