Hello everyone,
Travelling is perhaps the most adorable experience in the world. Whenever anybody thinks of joys of life traveling comes first to mind and it is in fact one of the most pursued passions. Whether you travel a few miles or thousands, it is an experience of life time. And what else can be a better way of enjoying culture, food, climate, picturesque landscapes, lofty mountains, colours of nature, places most longed and meeting diverse people, than traveling.
Travelogue is the label of my page. I have been a wanderer and pursued this passion vigorously.  I believe, though traveling to every place is wonderful but narration of accounts of places close to your heart is more pleasing- for the reader and the narrator, both.
Living amidst mountains of a beautiful state like Himachal Pradesh situated in North India, I have been fortunate enough to visit many adorable places; some of these being less traveled and lonely.
This journey has been exhilarating and satisfying so I want to share the thrill and invite you to visit some of the most beautiful places and that’s what you will explore here.
Happy Sojourn.

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    1. Thanks Poonam
      I have started with a journey to Prashar Lake. Would love to hear from you .
      Wishing you well.

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