( Gaurav with his research Guides )

A Mandi lad Gaurav Mahajan has done a commendable job by developing a treatment for skin hyper- pigmentation by using biological extract through his research in Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Kleve, Germany.

The new findings have been published in his theses for research carried during his Master of Science Degree in the faculty of life sciences of the Rhine- Waal University.

Telling about his research on phone from Germany Gaurav said, “Hyper-pigmentation is a skin condition where the skin produces excess melanin caused by sun rays which makes the skin darker and also creates patches and people around the world have become quite conscious of this condition.”

“The dermatologist generally treats this condition with solutions prepared from chemicals, which have side effects too but my study is based on the use of highly effective biological resources to prepare anti-pigmentation lotions,” he added.  

The extracted biological resource for the research were provided by leading producer of such lotions in Germany Dr.Hermans UG Natural Dermatology which were  tested on 53 people of different races in 18 countries under the guidance of  medical specialists Dr H Bomemann and Dr G Reinerth from GMBH Germany .

He has been guided in his research by Prof. Ing Frank Platte, Dr Martin Herman and Dr Gunter Reinerth.   

Gaurav said, “The testing of the product on human face has shown excellent results and Dr Hermans Anti- Pigmentation Solution Producer would soon start commercial production of natural medication prepared with biological resources for treatment of skin hyper- pigmentation.”

Gaurav did his schooling from Mandi. His parents Dalip Gupta and mother Anu Gupta, who live in Mandi, have expressed happiness on the achievement of their son and said this would inspire other students.

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