The Shimla unit of Center of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) held a convention at Kali Bari Hall Shimla to launch a campaign against the Modi led Central government on Monday and released a manifesto

CITU leaders said, “Hundreds of activists associated with Hotel, Sahib, IGMC, STP, Sunni Dam, Vishal Megamart, Tourist Guide, Tahabjari, Kalibari Temple, Mental Hospital, Anganwadi, Mid Day Meal, MNREGA, Construction Unions attended the convention.

In his inaugural address CITU state president Vijendra Mehra gave a clarion call to workers to defeat BJP in the parliament elections as the Modi government I has proved anti-working class and taken decisions “ to favour his corporate friends by ignoring the interests of the workers .”

CITU District president Kuldeep Dogra and state vice president Jagat Ram in their concluding remarks asked the workers to oust the Modi government in the ensuing parliament elections as this government is allegedly working to attack the right of workers.”

They said, “The Modi government has abolished the forty-four labour laws achieved after long struggles and sacrifices of the workers; the Central government has replaced the labour laws with the four labour codes and the government has been pursuing anti workers and anti farmers policies.”

The trade union leaders also castigated the Central government for not providing employment to lakhs of unemployed youths and checking the price rise of essential commodities, besides “handing over country’s natural resources to their political friends”.

CITU leaders also accused the BJP for allegedly creating communal and religious divide to garner votes and appealed to workers not to fall prey to such propaganda.

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2 thoughts on “CITU launches campaign against the Modi government

  1. Right decision taken by working unorganized sector people as nothing much has been done in their favour in the last 10 years by the BJP.

  2. This is the high time when working class along with others should come out to oppose the anti working class, Anti farming sector and anti poor policies of Modi government.

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