Though the current positivity rate of COVID -19 cases has declined during the past twenty four hours in Himachal Pradesh but the high mortality among the patients is becoming a cause of concern here.

As per the data issued by the Health Department total 172722 persons have tested positive in the state , 136663 patients have recovered , 33448 are active cases and 2581 patients have lost their lives from the disease .

On May 17 highest 78 deaths in a single day were registered and for the past many days the number of deaths has been recorded above sixty on an average. During the past eight days nearly five hundred persons have died and sixty nine persons have succumbed to the virus on Wednesday.

The most deaths are occurring in largely populated district of Kangra where on an average 30 persons are dying daily and nearly one thousand people have died .

The fatality rate in the State has risen slightly to 1.53 percent and six out of twelve districts are experiencing over thirty percent positivity rate.  

Despite imposition of corona curfew in the state since May 10 the number of COVID cases have been rising as a large number of people from other  states have been coming here .  

A health expert says, “Despite restrictions a large number of people have been coming to different parts of the state from other places in addition to pilgrims and tourists ; entry of infected persons cannot be ruled out.”

“ Despite strong second wave of the pandemic many people have not been following social distancing norms and attending community feats , religious and social gatherings as of result of which positive cases are increasing along with the fatality rate among COVID patients”, he adds.

Medical Superintendent Shri Lal Bahadur Shashtri Medical College, Nerchowk  Dr Jiva Nand Chuahan says, “Many people try to hide the symptoms of COVID and resorting to self medication and thereby losing precious time for the treatment , since virus this time is more fatal many casualties are being reported . “

Though the state government has upgraded several hospitals and added more ambulances for ferrying the COVID patients but delay in taking them to hospitals due to long distances is also taking several lives.

Health expert says, “There is an urgent need to convert AIMS Bilaspur or Medical College Hamipur as COVID treatment centre for speedy treatment of patients from the lower region.”

Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur have visited Kangra district to review the COVID cases and has assured to create additional infrastructure, employ 3000 medical staff and deploy more ambulances to help the patients. He has also appealed medical staff to save lives of COVID patients.  

Meanwhile, a first case mucormycosis (black fungus) has been reported in a lady patient at IGMC Shimla .

A spokesperson of the state government said, “ As per advisory issued by the ICMR uncontrolled diabetes, use of steroids and prolonged stay  in ICU are some of the factors for the black fungus and advisory has already been issued for managements of black fungus cases in hospitals .”

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  1. Situation is worsening day by day. High mortality % is a serious concern. Poor health infrastructure in the rural areas will further worsen the situation.

    1. Yes Doctor sahib . The situation is getting worse and lack of health facilities are adding woes of people.

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