( Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar addressing in Hamirpur)

The Vice President of India Jagdeep Dhankar said our country has transformed in many ways during the last few years.

Addressing a gathering at Hamirpur on Saturday the vice president, while presiding over a function of 500th center of Ek Se Shreshta programme, the vice president said, “I congratulate Union Minister Anurag Thakur, who I met in 1990 during my term as a Union Minister and when his father Prem Kumar Dhumal was a member of parliament and I had privilege to inaugurate a first flight from Kangra Airport; since then I am having cordial relation with Anurag Thakur,” he added.

He said, “Everyone knows what was the condition of the country before 1990 and what has been done in the last decade but biggest achievement to me is empowerment of women in India; in the last session of Lok Sabha held in new building of the parliament mothers and sisters were given reservation to contest parliament and state Assembly elections, brining a big change.”

The vice president said, “Things like nepotism, corruption and special treatment to some people before law were hindering growth of the country but now everyone is treated equal before law, no one is above law and this has brought perceptible change in the country, transparency has been ensured in every sphere and everyone is getting equal opportunities, which is core of our democracy.”

He said, “After becoming vice president and chairman of Rajya Sabha almost in  every session I have been welcoming children from Himachal visiting the parliament  and appreciate the contribution of Anurag Thakur for promoting sports by organizing mahakumbh ( khelo India)  , especially promotion of cricket in India “

He said, “Indian Navy was able to rescue a hijacked ship within 48 hours which shows the strength of India as India has excelled in every sphere .”

He also narrated several achievements made by India during the last few years. 

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