( Daughters performing last rights )

Breaking an age old patriarchal tradition of performing last rites by only a male member in the Hindu Society, two sisters not only lit the funeral pyre of their mother but are also performing other rituals as per traditions.  

Shakuntla Saini , a lecture of economics in Government School Churag and her sister  Madhu Bala working as a TGT in Chamba district , came forward to perform last rites of their mother themselves.

Both the sisters lit the funeral pyre of their mother Setu Devi on Thursday at Imli – Bimli cremation ground of  Karsog in Mandi district . Their mother had passed away due to age related complications on Wednesday in the Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla.

Shakuntla Saini , wife of Sanjay Saini APRO in  HP Public Relations  Department Shimla ,  would be carrying pind daan ceremony for the next ten days and both sisters would also be going  to Haridwar to immerse ashes  in the Ganges as per wish of their mother. 

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