The report of four patients tested positive for COVID- 19 in a single day in Mandi district on Wednesday has sounded an alarm in the district as none of the patients had recent travel history.  

The Mandi district administration and health department have beefed up process of drawing samples of all people coming from outside the state and primary contacts of the patients.  The patients have been admitted in isolation ward of COVID hospital Nerchowk.

DC Mandi Rugved Thakur said, “Out of these four patients, two people had come to the OPD of Zonal Hospital Mandi with flu, one lady was already under treatment at Nerchowk medical college hospital, the fourth was under home quarantine and had reported fever; their samples were taken as per standard operating protocol (SOP).”

 He said, “None of these had recent travel history; the lady of Thunag area had visited Una district sometime back and another patient had visited Kulu district a month back.”

DC said, “Primary contact list of the four patients has been prepared and initially nearly 10 persons each have been identified for sampling to know if any of them is positive; the process of taking random samples for investigation of corona infection in Mandi district has been expedited and more than 100 samples have been taken ,” he added.

The district administration has declared containment and buffer zones as per norms in all four blocks.

Samples of nearly 8500 people coming from other states to the district have been drawn so far as per instruction of the state government and all of them have been quarantined. All people coming from Karnataka have been tested and similar effort is on to test people coming from Mumbai.

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