Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri has termed the BJP candidate from the Mandi parliamentary seat as “a un –guided missile and one who does not know what she is saying.”

Talking to media persons at Mandi on Wednesday he said, “The Congress is contesting the election on issues but the BJP candidate doesn’t know about the issues of the Mandi constituency and BJP leaders are deliberately deviating from the issues.”

Targeting the Modi led Central government, Agnihotri said,“ ” When BJP leaders are seeking vote in the ensuing election people should ask them before voting as to what they did for Himachal Pradesh during the last 15 months?”

He accused,” The Central leaders of the BJP for preparing a master plan to starve the state economically by not giving Rs 9000 crore PDNA grant after the worst natural calamity in the state, not releasing Rs 10000 crore’s claim filed by the state government for restoration work, why credit limit of the state curtailed and cap on foreign funding was put?”.

Agnihotri also alleged, “No Central BJP leader visited the state after the natural calamity.”

He said, “The Congress government did bring many projects to Mandi during the Congress regime like IIT Mandi, Ner Chowk Medical college etc but what has  BJP done for  Mandi .”

Lauding the tremendous work done by six times former Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, he said, “Former CM Virbhadra Singh is our hidden power in the election and Vikrmaditya Singh is best choice before the voters, while BJP candidate Kangana Ranaut is non-serious candidate.”

Former Cabinet Minister Kaul Singh Thakur and Congress in-charge Sanjay Dutt were also present in the conference.

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