( Huge boulders and slush enter houses in Multhan after the blast in penstock )

Hundreds of villagers of Multhan, Cher living in Chhota Bhangal area of Himachal Pradesh are still spending sleepless nights after  a blast on Friday in penstock in 25 Megawatt Lambadag Power Project ( being run by Mega Engineering Company ) causing extensive damage to their houses, shops and standing crops in fields.

( The damaged Penstock )

Akshay, a former Zila Parishad member) said, “The Leakage in the penstock (a pipe carrying water from the reservoir to the turbine for power generation) of the power project was observed on Friday morning and it blasted around 9 pm leading to extensive damage to houses, shops and fields damaging standing crops as huge boulders, slush and muddy water covered the area.”

Blaming the Directorate of Energy of the state government for not carrying proper security checks before commencement of power generation in the project, he also raised a finger at the apathy of the management of the power project for not taking adequate steps to avert the blast.

Panchayat president of Multhan Durgesh Dhiman has asked the local administration to carry on the spot assessment of the damage and provide immediate relief and take steps to secure their lives and property, besides giving them adequate compensation for the losses; we are still  spending sleepless nights” , she added .  

Convener of Himalaya NITI Abhiyan Guman Singh has also demanded thorough probe in the leakage and blast in the penstock and registration of FIR against the company for its alleged negligence, safety audit of power projects in the state, besides having a Himalayan Development Plan.

Project Manager of the power company Devi Singh Chauhan said, “The penstock of the project has been damaged but there is no safety concern .” 

The Tehsildar of the area said, “We would soon submit a damage report to the state government after carrying out a proper assessment keeping in view every aspect.”   

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One thought on “Action demanded against the power company after extensive damage in Chhota Bhangal

  1. It is total failure of the State to give free hand to the power projects owners. We have not learnt anything from the recent devastation that shook whole Himachal Pradesh. The Stare should have made a thorough check of these projects. Seems no action is taken against the offenders for their mere profit making activities and sheer negligence. We are paying and will keep paying huge costs due to these man-made disasters.

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