(IIT Mandi researchers)

A neonatal incubator- (SynCubator) developed by a team of researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi has been selected for the prestigious Stanford Bio- design Innovators Garage programme.

Dr. Gajendra Singh, Assistant Professor, Dr. Satvasheel Ramesh Powar, Associate Professor and a third year Mechanical Engineering student Keshav Verma from the school of Mechanical and Materials Engineering of the institute worked jointly to develop the device.

The researchers say, “Designed as a multifunctional neonatal incubator, SynCubator offers a unique solution to the challenges faced in transporting and providing critical care to newborns as the device doubles as both a standalone warmer and an incubator to the specific needs.”

Speaking about the significance of SynCubator Dr Gajendra Singh said, “Our innovation extends beyond convenience; it addresses critical healthcare needs in the areas lacking advanced medical facilities and extreme weather conditions like intense cold in remote areas of Himachal Pradesh.”

“The device has cutting-edge digital health technologies and is user -friendly mobile application in which vital parameters are monitored through continuous video recording to keep a vigil on the condition of an infant, controlled by a remote system”, he added.

  So far, we have created and tested a proof of concept with the support of IIT Mandi- iHub and we hope to obtain the necessary certifications and launch of the product within 1.5 to 2 years,” a team member  said.

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