Himachal Pradesh government is preparing to create eight new green belts in and around Shimla town to restrict large scale construction in the popular tourist town and capital of the state- known as Hill Queen.

Shimla at present has 17 green belts where construction has been banned by the town and country planning department.

Preparation to create new green belts in and around Shimla was seriously felt after the large-scale devastation in the state during heavy monsoon rains causing huge loss of life and property. Twenty two residents of Summer Hill had lost their lives in a massive landslide near Shiva Baori temple.

The colossal loss in the state had sent strong signal to the state government as environmentalist, geologists and a large number of people had suggested taking long term measure to check such mishaps in future

The state government has been working to preserve the environment and natural beauty of Shimla by demarcating 8 new areas as green belts to restrict construction in these areas in and around Shimla.

The Town and Country Planning (TCP) Department is now in the process of including eight new areas as green belts on the recommendation of the HP Cabinet .

A source in the TCP department said, “The areas which are proposed to be demarcated as green belts are Rashtrapati Bhawan, Mashobra, Band Tukda, Andri, Shiv Mandir, Andri – Tal and Giri, DPF in Khalini and the Parimahal area”

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