Himachal Pradesh Government has put a complete ban on cutting of hills except for rebuilding roads and buildings damaged during the recent monsoon in the state.

 A spokesman of the state government said,” The state government has put a complete ban on cutting of hills for all construction activity including by private persons in the entire state till September 16 with immediate effect to preserve fragile soil and environment.”

The spokesman said, “The fresh planning and building permissions shall also be banned for commercial and tourism purposes in Shimla, Mandi, Kullu,Solan and Chamba districts as unprecedented environmental disruption has resulted into  loss of human lives and property, besides leading to  massive landslides, land subsidence and erosion.”   

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2 thoughts on “HP government bans cutting of hills for two weeks

  1. What is the justification of exemption given to road construction – the main factor in destruction of hills? Furthermore, what after September 16? Will hills regain their pre-devastation status within a fortnight? Seems a strong case for crisis management sans future perspective.

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