( Dr Shatrughan Singh felicitating the chief guest)

The Composite Regional Center (CRC) Sunder Nagar organized a two days camp on rehabilitation education at its center.

In-charge of the CRC Dr Shatrughan Singh said, “Assistant Professor of Psychiatry department of PGIMER Chandigarh Dr Krishan Kumar Soni was chief guest in the camp which was attended by 77 participants from different parts of the country.”  

He said, “The camp was inaugurated by Dr SP Guleria Director –cum Principal of Jawahar Lal Engineering College Sunder Nagar and organized to train participants for rehabilitation of people suffering from mental illness.”

The rehabilitation officer of the CRC Sunder Nagar and psychologist from IIT Ropar, Dr Priyadarshi Mishr,  Dr Shivranjani Singh from AIIMS Bilaspur, besides Dr Shatrughan Singh, spoke on different aspects of rehabilitation. 

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