( A photo of damage to Kullu – Manali highway ) Picture by Jai Kumar

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), engaged in construction of four lane projects in Himachal Pradesh, has come under the attack of environmentalists after filing of a police complaint against the NHAI  holding it responsible for losses during flash floods in the state by carrying unscientific cutting of hills and illegal dumping in rivers.

Former Deputy Mayor of Shimla Municipal Corporation Tikender Panwar has filed a criminal police complaint against the NHAI authorities and its executing company GR Infra Projects at Police Station Parwanoo alleging, “ Criminal neglect leading to massive loss to the natural ecosystem, human lives, assets and financial loss to people during construction of four lanes from Parwanoo to Solan.”

Holding them responsible for cutting hills in unscientific manner Panwar has accused them “For criminal neglect through connivance by not seeking proper advice from geologists to ensure minimum damage to the hills through scientific cutting.”

It is notable that several environmental organizations have been holding the NHAI authorities and executing companies responsible for not digging hills in a scientific manner and illegal dumping of debris in rivers and khuds thereby narrowing their trail leading to floods.

Bhumi Adhigrahan Samiti leader Joginder Walias has been blaming, “The  NHAI authorities for losses during recent flash floods in Kullu – Manali area as illegal dumping during four lane construction in river Beas raised the level of water leading to flash floods.”

Himalayan Niti Abhiyan organization, which has been raising the issue of unscientific cutting of hills and illegal dumping in the rivers, also  is planning to meet Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, who is visiting Kullu on August 4, to take up these issues with him .’ 


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5 thoughts on “NHAI authorities under attack of environmentalists after filing of criminal police complaint

  1. Almost whole of hill cutting in four laning of Kirtpur- Manali has been resorted to in an unscientific manner and this step is in right direction.

  2. I’m a layman. our land had also been acquired for bye pass Rajgarh Road Solan. The situation is same as NH road. can’t it be possible to make projects UHF Nauni..(as we have a reputed forestry University here…) while cutting the hills… plantation should be done along with that…..when there are no plants..wo will hold the soil. .. trees holding the soil are called hills.or mountain… don’t know when will we be practical.

    1. You are right while constructing roads and highways trees should be planted in consultation with forestry expert to protect hills. But its strange this is not being done at present .

  3. कटान का काम चलने पर राज्य के मार्ग संबधित भिवाग कहाँ थे. केस तो उन पर भी बनता है. सब के सब के सब एक दूसरे और तोहमत लगाएंगे. कुछ नहीं हो सकता किसीका. भगवान जरूर दण्डित करेंगे. उनसे कोई नहीं बच सकता.
    🙏🙏 जय शिव शम्भू 🙏🙏

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