Several Leftist organizations today held a protest demonstration at Seri Manch Mandi on Friday  against unabated violence continuing in North Eastern state of Manipur.

The members of Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), Janwadi Mahila Samiti(JMS), CITU and All India Lawyers Union raised slogans condemning the violence in Manipur and also submitted a memorandum to President of India Draupadi Murmu drawing her attention and her intervention in stopping the violence, through Mandi district administration. 

JMS leader Veena Vaidya and DYFI leader Suresh Sarwal said, “The regional and caste divide in Manipur has claimed several lives, two women have been praded naked recently in the streets and cases of human rights violations have been observed, besides hundreds of houses and religious places have been burnt and vandalized.”

Requesing the President of India, they said, “The situation in Manipur is very grim and the President being Head of the country should use her good office to stop violence in Manipur and save life and property of innocent  people there.”

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2 thoughts on “Leftist Organisations submit memorandum to President of India for her intervention in stopping violence in Manipur

  1. I stand with them to raise my voice, against such a heinous crime committed, and questionable muteness of the powers that be!

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