( Wooden logs accumulated at Thunag after the cloud burst ) Picture by Jai Kumar

As environmentalists and local people have raised finger on a large number of timber logs seen floating along with gushing slush  in Thunag bazaar,  after a cloud  burst in the area during the recent rain fury in the state on July 10,  the working of forest department has come under the scanner of the state government.

The videos showing a large number of wooden logs were seen floating along with slush causing extensive damage in the area.

While several environmentalists have sought explanation from the officials of the forest department, three state committee members of CPM, Bhupinder Singh , Mahinder Rana and Jaivanti  have demanded a thorough inquiry in the matter .

Social activist and local CPM leader Jaivanti said, “A road and helipad was constructed amidst Rain Galu forest for which a large number of green trees were cut down in a clandestine manner in the most unscientific manner without proper forest clearance during 2021 and 2022.”

“The fallen  trees were buried in the forest area and the recent cloud burst  brought these down along with gushing water and slush from two nallas from the   forest above Thuang ”, she adds.

The CPM leaders said, “Since the area falls in Seraj Assembly constituency represented by former Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur the state government should order a thorough inquiry in the matter.”  

Divisional Forest Officer Nacahan S S Kashyap said , “ A cloud burst was reported above Thunag hill in the forest area  which uprooted a large number of green trees and were seen floating in slush in Thunag .”

“ An inquiry at the highest level is going on in the matter and a report will be submitted soon to the government,” he added.

However, environmentalists are not convinced with his argument as they claim, “ A large number of chopped  timber logs  gushing in Thunag bazaar can be seen in several videos.”

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu and PWD Minister Vikrmaditya Singh have also asked the forest department to conduct a thorough probe in the matter.  

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4 thoughts on “Finger raised at a large number of wooden logs seen floating with slush at Thunag

  1. This was noticed by one and all. Even my friends within India and abroad have similar queries. I find the previous dispensation taking on the present one one every petty thing. The reason, one can understand, to sweep their deeds under the carpet.

  2. If serious crimes of such a magnitude are not investigated by the Government, that too in view of the present catastrophic devastation of the whole State, then what for the government is for?

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