The Himachal Medical Officer’s Association (HMOA) has  strongly condemned the stopping of Non Practicing Allowance (NPA) by the state government to the doctors in the state.

Condemning the decisions of the state government the office bearers of the HMOA said, “The finance department of the state government has already issued a notification to this effect despite the fact the NPA is being paid to doctors throughout the country at the rate of 20 percent.”

Vikas Thakur, General Secretary of the HMOA said, “The doctors serving in the state government hospitals were getting 20 percent NPA in lieu of their round the clock emergency services along with their counterparts in Punjab and throughout the country.”

“ It’s strange the state government has stopped the NPA abruptly without consulting the HMOA , moreover the state government  is following the Punjab pattern for paying allowances to its employees and the Punjab government is paying NPA to doctors ,” he added.

The office bearers of HMOA after holding its meeting has decided to take up this issue with Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu and urged him to  withdraw the notification and restore the NPA failing which they would be forced to launch a statewide agitation. 

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6 thoughts on “Himachal Medical Officer’s Association strongly condemns stopping of NPA

  1. I strongly condemn the decision of stopping NPA as this is quite demotivating for all the Doctors who are working day in and day out without caring for themselves. When Ministers themself get sick they go to private institutes and abroad for best treatment. Why don’t they strengthen Govt. instituions in such a way that even a begger can afford same kind of treatment. Is their life not important? Life hai toh sbkuch hai!
    Everyone has realized this in covid times.
    Therefore, I strongly condemn the decision of stopping NPA. Jai HMOA🙏🏻

      1. Sir they have opened up so many institutions in Himachal Pradesh..instead of opening up so many, they should’ve strengthened at leadt those institutions which are already existing!
        There is lack of staff in so many institutions..kyi jagah resourses hain toh staff nhi hai, kyi jagah staff hai toh resources nhi hain!
        Sir, this is a matter of concern! 🙏🏻

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