( Former CM Jai Ram Thakur in an informal chat with media persons at Mandi)

Former Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur has demanded an inquiry into allegations leveled against an officer working in Chief Minister’s  Office (CMO),  through an anonymous letter.

Thakur in an informal chat with the media persons at Circuit House Mandi on Tuesday said, “A controversy has cropped up after allegations against an officer working with the CMO; though the allegations have been raised through an anonymous letter the Chief Minister should conduct an inquiry and place the facts before people.”

He said, “Such things have been happening in the past too, since the controversy has become a point of discussion, it would be most appropriate for the CM to conduct an inquiry.”

It is notable an anonymous letter has been  doing rounds in the social media for the past few days in which allegations of “alleged corruption by a senior officer presently posted in the CMO has been highlighted  for his alleged  involvement in irregularities committed in power projects.”  

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One thought on “Former CM Jai Ram Thakur demands inquiry into allegations against an officer working with the CMO

  1. But he forgot there were not only very serious charges levelled against close Aide in his own Office ,He got admitted to IGMC on note of enquiry Another officer was shifted only after party MLAs, Ministers threatened to go public against him ,An OSD was accused of taking comission from contractors , through an anonymously letter ,2 HMs were removed on charges of Corruption , letter bombs resulted in confiscation of even cell phone of aformer minister …think before you speak is Golden Ruleb

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