Himachal Pradesh Government has decided to amend the selection criteria for all Class –III government jobs and discontinue the process of giving 15 marks to candidates on the basis of evaluation.

As per the notification issued by the Chief Secretary to HP Government Ram Subhag Singh on Wednesday from Shimla, “All Class III government services posts would be filled on the basis of merit through written test/ screening or skill tests of 100 marks instead of 85 marks now.”

“The criteria of giving fifteen mark to candidates on the basis of evaluation of candidate has been discontinued with immediate effect and recruitment of all Class III posts would be done by the new criteria, ” the notification clarifies .  

All vacancies of Class III advertised recently would also be re-advertised and filled as per now norms. 

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4 thoughts on “HP government class III posts to be filled on the basis of written tests

    1. Yes ! it is a big decision of HP state government. Hope this would ensure selection on merit for government job.

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