While Sikh community and Gurudwaras in India are being admired for their commendable service by organizing oxygen langars in the national capital Delhi for COVID -19 patients gasping for oxygen an eyebrow is also being raised on Hindu temples for many of these remaining mute spectators despite owning huge wealth .

More so, since thousands of people are dying every day in India from the pandemic and support is pouring from the international community in this hour of calamity.  

Sikh community has been always offering  food to needy people through langars organized in Gurdwaras;  when the national lockdown was enforced last year in the wake of the pandemic and a large number of migrants walked back home hungry Gurdwaras were  the first to offer them food.   

The wealth of many Hindu temples in India would leave any one stunned. Having a look on estimated wealth of a few temples ; Padmanabhaswamy temple in Kerala owns cash, gold, silver etc amounting to Rs One lakh crores, Tirputi Balaji owns 9000 kg gold reserves (as per temple trust), human hair offered at the temple are auctioned for estimated Rs 125 crores every years, besides hundred of crores in cash offered every year.

Guruvayoor temple in Kerala has estimated assets of Rs 2500 crore and Mata Vaishno temple in Jammu and Kashmir gets an offering of estimated Rs 500 crore annually and these are only few and this list is quite long.

Even in Himachal Pradesh the wealth of temples is just startling.  Chintpurni temple has fixed deposits of Rs 102 crore, 1.98 quintals gold, 71.42 quintals silver and cash of several crores accruing every year.

Naina Devi temple has fixed deposits of Rs 58.97 crores and Rs 11.47 crores in cash, 1.80 quintal gold and 72.92 quintal silver.

Similarly, Baba Balak Nath temple has fixed deposits of Rs 28.45 crores, cash of Rs 16. 66 crores and 26.649 kilograms gold and 3.82 quintals silver. Jawalamukhi temple owns a fixed deposit of Rs 28.80 crores, cash of Rs 3.42 crores, 23 kg gold and 8.90 quintal silver.

Although, many of these temples are doing several charitable jobs and offering food through langars, a question definitely comes to mind of many people as to why the temple’s institutions are lacking such magnanimity to open their coffers in this hour of a crisis.

(All figures of wealth of temples  are estimated have been gathered from different sources)

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12 thoughts on “Should rich temples open coffers during pandemic?

  1. Yes very correct ! Temples should open their huge treasures to the benefit of humanity. Not only this, temples managements should come forward to provide space in their temple for running Covid center to treat the needy people.

  2. All Hindu temples should spend this money like Gurdwaras for the welfare of humanity. They should run lungars daily and Sarai for stays as well as helping the humanity in crisis.

    1. Very true Doctor sahib. Hindu temples should definitely come forward in helping humanity is this hour of crisis.
      Wishing you well.

  3. This all donations are maximum donated by Hindus only. But this amount is not properly used or further redonated by temples trust it seems that the amount and jewellery is being reserved for another community for lootted and the same willbe looted by the another community as our Somnath temples were looted in earlier times

    1. You are right Sir. The money donated by people should be spent on their welfare and these organizations should come forward in helping the community in the hour of need.
      Thank you so much sir for sharing your valuable thoughts .
      Wishing you well.

  4. Most definitely. These mandirs are sitting on mountains of public money they do not want to depart. Shame on them if can’t be used on public at time like pandemic.

  5. Has someone said that in this critical time of pandemic the govt should shut all kind of subsidies to all minority classes of the society…?

  6. It is very important that the temples , temple trusts must come to the peoples help in
    covid crises . ka varsha jb krishi sukhani .
    Sikh gurudwara big or small in every town is offering langar , food to covid patients ,daily wage earners who lost lively hood , oxygen cylinders ,concentrators , medicine , besides performing last rites of dead bodies .Great work SGPC offered to bear cost of all covid treatments in panjab , 400 bedded hospitals in

    1. Quite right Doctor Sahib. That’s what i am trying to convey.
      Thank you so much . Wishing you well.

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