( Priyana Gandhi at a rally in Chamba on Monday )

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi accused the Modi government and BJP for allegedly “trying to topple the democratically elected Congress government in Himachal Pradesh” .

Addressing a public meeting in favour of Congress candidate Anand Sharma contesting from Kangra parliament seat, at Chaugan ground in Chamba on Monday, the Congress leader said , “ The Prime Minister, whose party (BJP) had tried to bring down the state government cannot be a well wisher of the people of the state.”

She said, “The sole aim of the PM and BJP is to gain power by any means and they even make use of money power to buy MLAs’, using corrupt practices; she questioned,  will people like to elect such people?”   

The Congress leader said, “Though PM Modi claims to be  the well wisher of people of the state but he is not aware of their problems as he didn’t come forward in giving package to the state after worst natural calamity faced by people in many areas during the last monsoon fury; the state government had asked for a help of Rs 9000 crore after losses of over Rs 12000 crore  occured ”

She quipped,” Though Modi calls Himachal Pradesh his second home, he comes here as a tourist.” 

She said, “The main reason for high rate of unemployment in the county is due to wrong policies being followed by the NDA government; the PM is showering billions on his favoured industrialist friends but ignoring poor people and youths and Agniveer scheme is a product of such policies, as a result of which the number of unemployed youths is highest during the last 70 years.”  

Attacking the NDA government she said, “Under the BJP rule farmers were denied fair price for their produce, prices of essential items are touching the sky and the weaker section of the society is the worst sufferer.”

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