PM Narender Modi during election rally at Mandi on Friday. (Photo by Jai Kumar)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed two election rallies at Nahan and Mandi on Friday to garner votes in favour of BJP candidates for parliament and HP Vidhan Sabha by- elections in six constituencies.

Addressing an impressive public matting at Paddal ground, accusing Himachal Pradesh government for allegedly misappropriating the funds given by the Central government for relief works during the natural calamity last year, the PM said,” Hundreds of crore sent by the Central government for the relief work were misappropriated by the state government; I would get this investigated after coming to power and ensure proper utilization of funds”, he added  

The Congress government has allegedly cheated people of the state, especially by not giving them one laky jobs as promised by it and instead shutting down the Service Selection Board Hamirpur making the future of unemployed youths dark, not fulfilling its promise of given Rs 1500 per month to women, not releasing DA to state government employees and closing down hundreds for institutions opened by the previous Jai Ram government.”

The PM also recalled the Palampur meeting of the BJP where resolution was passed to build a Lord Rama temple at Ayodhya; and lauded the state since from here a ‘Sankalp was taken to build the temple waiting for more than five hundred years.”

He said, “The construction of the Lord Rama temple could be made possible by the power of votes, besides implementing One Rank One Pension for the Army personnel, giving 33 percent reservation for women in the parliament and state Assemblies, and making India the 5th largest economy of the world.”

Making a scathing attack at the Congress party, the PM said, “Congress loves poverty and wants to keep people poor, it wants to restore Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir, besides destroying atomic weapons and accused the Congress for being communal, cattiest, anti women and dynastic.”

He also criticized Congress leaders for, “Allegedly tarnishing the image of Mandi by depicting Kangana Ranaut in poor light and appealed people to give proper reply to this in the election.”

Addressing another rally at Chaugan ground Nahan. The PM criticized successive Congress governments for not giving tribal status to the Hatti community.

Former CM Jai Ram Thakur and state BJP president Rajiv Bindal also addressed the rallies at Mandi and Nahan, respectively. 

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