( Kharge addressing a rally at Rohru On Saturday)

All India Congress Committee (AICC) President Mallikarjun Kharge addressing a press conference at Shimla on Saturday said, “INDIA Alliance is going to form the government at the Center on June 4, after the election as people are not happy with the Modi government engaged in misusing the Central agencies to crush the opposition.”

Charge said, ““I understand the PM should work like a statesman but he is trying to divide people along the lines of Hindu-Muslim, Dalit-Backward, and Urban-Tribal people.”

Addressing a public meeting at Rohru in Shimla district on Saturday, Kharge cautioned people about the threat to democracy and Indian Constitution in the eventuality of electing Modi led BJP government in the election.

He said, “Democracy is under threat as people would lose their rights under the dictatorship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and appealed to people to vote against the Modi government.”  

Carrying a copy of the Indian Constitution in his hands, he said, “Every vote you cast in favour of Congress candidates will help in saving Democracy which is under threat in Modi’s regime.”

Kharge said this election is being fought by people against unemployment, price rise and people must ask the PM, as to what happened to the promise of giving two crore jobs and, promise of doubling the income of farmers”?

He accused the PM for trying to mislead people that the Congress party would take away your gold ornaments, property and other assets giving these to the minority community.

The Congress chief also hit out at PM Modi for not extending any special assistance to Himachal following the devastation caused by monsoons last year even though the state had sought Rs 10,000 crore aid from the Centre.

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