Nearly a dozen environmental and tribal organizations of Lahaul –Spiti and Pangi under the banner of Ladakh Lahaul Pangi Manali Kiratpur Four Lane Stakeholders Joint front have urged Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu to declare Chandrabhaga river basin as No Go Zone for mega Hydropower projects.

In a letter sent to the CM the organizations have been advising successive state governments not to construct mega hydro projects in eco- sensitive Himalayan cold deserts, particularly on River Chandrabhaga and its tributaries.

They said , “ The Chandrabhaga Turbine Policy of the state government would be disastrous for the area as with construction of Ladakh – Chandigarh highway a tourist circuit has been created leading to huge rush of tourists in the tribal areas  and a large-scale construction activity is going on .”  

“And if mega power projects are allowed to be constructed in the area it would disturb fragile geology of the area and movement of heavy vehicles carrying machinery and building material would hinder the movement of defence vehicles carrying army supply to border areas” they said.

The organizations have also cited several other factors like disturbing ecology, flora –fauna, social and cultural life, besides increasing danger of earthquakes as the area falls in sensitive Seismic Zone V.

The organizations have urged the CM to declare Chandrabhaga River basin as No Go Zone for mega power projects in the larger interest of tribal people of the area. 

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