Leaders of Opposition – former Chief Minister Jairam Thakur has accused the Congress led state government for working with vindictive spirit for the past one year in the state and trying to close down the schemes started by the previous BJP government.

He said, “After closing down several schemes now the state government has chosen to close a public welfare scheme prakrit kheti to harass lakhs of farmers and orchardists being benefited by the scheme; surprisingly this is first time in the history of state government instead of starting new schemes is closing the old schemes and he there were any flaws the state government should have removed these ’, he added.

Thakur said, “At present the whole world is adopting natural farming but the Himachal Government is closing down the scheme which was being appreciated by the Central government for its success as more than two lakh farmers had adopted natural farming.”

Accusing the state government for working with political ill will he said, “More than a thousand institutions opened by the previous government have been shut and nearly ten thousand employees fired from their jobs and during the one year rule the Congress government has no achievement to show.”   

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