Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu has warned the Hydro Power Projects authorities, including public sector undertakings, to comply with the new power policy of the state government or face cancellation of their agreements with the state government.

Replying to a question on vacillation of certain power companies in regard to new power policy of the state government the CM criticized the previous BJP government for not handling the energy issue properly by giving benefits to certain power companies and changing the royalty norms affecting the future generations adversely.

He accused the BJP government, “As per power policy Sainj, Luhri, and Dhaula Siddh power projects were supposed to revert back to the state government after 40 years but this clause was changed by the then government forgoing the interests of the state.”

The CM said, “The previous government favoured certain power companies at the cost of people causing a huge loss of revenue but the state government has now reformed the power policy and asked the Hydro Power Companies to renegotiate the agreements.”

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