The Composite Regional Center (CRC) Sunder Nagar would soon have  on the spot facility to manufacture artificial limbs for persons with disability at its center.  

In –charge of the CRC Dr. Shatrughan Singh said, “The center, which is working for skill development and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, would soon have facility to provide artificial limbs to disabled persons manufactured with the technical support of Regional Marketing Center of ALIMCO, an agency engaged by Ministry of Social Justice and Women Empowerment of the Central Government.”

He said, “ The Center has already held meeting with the ALIMCO for providing facilities here and soon a MOU would be signed in this regard;  Secretary of the Social Justice and Women Empowerment is likely to visit the center on May 10 in this regard.”

“ Besides, providing artificial hands and legs  to different categories of disabled  persons at  the center the ALIMCO would also start a service facility for repairing the artificial limbs, which would be beneficial for a large number of people of the area”, he added.

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