Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said the state government is set to partner with Indian Business School (ISB) to develop the bio-energy sector in the state.

Holding a meeting with Executive Director of the ISB Prof. Ashwani Chatterji at Shimla on Saturday, he said, “The state government is starting a pilot project on bio-energy production from pine needles and bamboos, found abundant in the state, by involving local communities.  

He said, “Industries like cement and steel are exploring substitutes for fossil fuel and thermal power to reduce carbon emission and bio energy could be helpful in this regard and pine briquettes a potential alternative fuel.”  

The CM said, “The ISB could help in providing a business model and technology to make this project a success and the state government is keen to collaborate with the ISB since the state government has set a goal to make the State Green by 2025.”

He said, “It can also help the state government by manufacturing ethanol, compressed bio – gas and fertilizer from bamboo by involving local communities.”

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