Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said, “The state government is successfully implementing the electric vehicle policy to reduce the carbon emission caused by exhaust fumes of the diesel and petrol vehicles to preserve flora and fauna in the Himalayan region.”

Addressing 85th Plenary session of the Congress at Raipur on Sunday he said, “Being a matter of global concern preserving the ecology of the Himalayas is of utmost importance as the Himalayan glaciers are receding due to global warming.”  

He said, “Switching over to e-vehicles will help in improving air quality in cities along with reducing India’s oil import, besides enhancing the uptake of renewable energy; the fossil fuel based energy would be reduced in a phased manner in the state by replacing HRTC buses by E- vehicles.”

While giving a clarion call to the Congress ruled states to take the lead in this direction with dedication the CM said, “Himachal Pradesh would fully switch over to e-vehicles by 2025 as the Central government is pushing this policy vigorously too.”

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