( Delegates attending CITU Conference)

Tapan Sen, national general secretary of Center for Indian Trade Unions (CITU) said, “The country is facing a serious situation today due to faulty policies being adopted by the NDA government and BJP led state governments.”

Addressing 14th State Conference of CITU on Saturday at Mandi he said, “These policies have led to sharp increase in inflation and unemployment in the country, our economy is passing through a troubled phase as jobs are shrinking and miseries of people have multiplied.”

Criticizing the Central government, Sen accused ,” The Modi government is continuously implementing anti-workers, anti farmers and  anti- people policies due to which a handful pro –government corporate houses are minting money with the support of the government; , as a result of which Adani has become one of the richest person in the world and India’s poverty ranking has slipped even below Nigeria.”

He said, “ The NDA government is converting all jobs into contractual and temporary and labour laws are being tweaked in favour of industrialists  and working hours are being increased from 8 to 12 hours in factories ;  young people working in corporate houses have to work for an unlimited period .”

CITU leaders also appealed to the trade union workers to forge a broader unit with other sections of the society and launch a struggle to oppose anti –people policies of the Central and state government .”

As many as 300 delegates representing 65 affiliated unions to CITU are participating in the two days state conference.”


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