Former minister and senior Congress leader Kaul Singh Thakur has accused the state government “for using public money for their publicity.”

Talking to media persons at Mandi on Thursday he said, “Jai Ram government is allegedly misusing public money by organizing rallies to promote BJP before the election under the garb of celebrating 75 years of Indian Independence.”

He charged, “On the one hand the state government is raising huge loans to  pay salaries to the government employees and on the other hand the state government is spending huge money on these rallies; and Congress would hold inquiry in this matter after coming to power in the state,” he added .

Thakur said, “The Congress is committed to implement ten guarantees announced by the party after coming to power and our previous government had fulfilled 95 percent of election promises made to people but the BJP government has miserably failed in implementing the promises made before the election.”

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