The researchers at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi have developed a smart road monitoring system to prevent road accidents on blind curves, especially on hilly roads.

Since the number of vehicles on roads have increased manifold and drivers ply their vehicles at high speed, many drivers fail to negotiate their vehicles on blind curves resulting in fatal accidents causing human loss.

To put a check on such accidents the research team has developed a device which would warn drivers about the vehicles approaching from the other side on curves.

The research team headed by Dr Kala Venkata Uday, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering at IIT Mandi and his associates Naman Chaudhary, Shishir Asthana from mechanical engineering, Amudhan Muthaiah from electrical engineering and Nidhika Kadela from civil engineering departments have developed a monitoring system which would help in speed detection, vehicles count and   enhanced traffic control by installing micro-electro-mechanical system with internet of things technology.

Telling about this system Dr KV Uday says, “This system comprises two layers of detection units on each side of the turn and two signalling units to alert the drivers. When a vehicle passes through the two consecutive layers of detection units, the sensing system would detect the speed, direction and type of vehicle like two, four or multiple wheels.”

He says The system would prevent accidents on sharp curves as this would alert the driver and help steering his vehicle safely as the signal would be based on speed, direction, gradient of slope and type of vehicle coming from the opposite direction.”

“Apart from altering drivers this device would also help in traffic management and road safety in single lane roads and tunnels by installing artificial intelligence and machine learning tools,” he adds.

Being mechanical in nature, the system can be used in even bad weather, snowfall, rain and fog and would cost about Rs 20,000.

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