priest of deity Adi brahma shows the oracle power during Shivratri fair in Mandi
Photo Jai Kumar

The week-long festivity of the Shivratri fair reached its crescendo on Monday as a large crowed thronged to Chauhta bazaar of Mandi to pay obeisance and seek blessings of hundreds of gods and goddesses assembled here before their happy departure to their respective abodes, on the last day of the festival.

Being a great opportunity for people to worship the deities at one place the thousands of them sought their blessing which was a great specter to watch.

The Shivratri festival is traditionally linked with the deities and a large number of devotees seek their blessings. On the last day of the festival, all deities carried by their devotees assembled at Chauhta Bazaar, hub of the town, to provide an opportunity to those who had not been able to seek their blessings.

A gathering of deities at Chuhta bazaar Mandi on the last day of
Shivratri festival

An important tradition of providing a security cover to Mandi town for rest of the year was also drawn by a devotee of Adi-Brahma deity by taking a round of Mandi town. This ceremony is performed to assure prosperity and well being of the residents till the next Shivratri.

The deities from the Chauhar valley also performed Dev Khel at Seri Manch to show oracle powers of the deities on Sunday in which many deities participated. In this ceremony the Gurs (orators) of the deities showed powers of the deities carrying axe, tongs, sword or such other articles of worship.

The Gurs headed by Dev Hurang Narain and Dev Pashakot were prominent among the deities who made prophesies during the Dev Khel.  

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