Mukhya Mantri Shagun Yojna launched by the state government is proving a boon to a large number of girls from the weaker section as the daughters of BPL families are being given Rs 31000 as shagun at the time of their marriage.

A government spokesman said, “Rs. 13,757800 have been given to 4437 girls from the weaker section so far in the state. “

As per information , “ In Kangra district Rs. 4,86,39,000 have  been given  to 1569  girls, in Solan district  Rs. 94,24000 to 304 girls, in Una district Rs. 58,90,000 have been given to 190 girls ,  in Shimla district Rs. 91,76,000  been given to 296 girls, in Sirmour district Rs. 78,43000 given to 253 girls, in Kullu district Rs. 34,41000 given to 111 girls, in Mandi district Rs. 1,8104000 given to 584 girls, in  Hamirpur district Rs. 91,76000 given to 296 girls, in Chamba district Rs. 1,47,56000 given to  476 girls, in Bilaspur district Rs. 1,09,74000  given to 354 girls and Rs. 1,55000  been given to  four girls of Kinnaur district.”


“To avail benefits of this scheme, the girls and their  family members can apply two months before marriage or within six months after the marriage and the financial assistance is directly deposited in the bank account of the applicant concerned” ,  the spokesman added.

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