With Himachal Pradesh figuring on top among eight states of India where disease denoting virus reproduction (R –factor) is reported higher, the state government has issued directions to authorities to ensure COVID Appropriate Behavior (CAB) in all crowed places and warned penal action for the violators .

The advisory issued by Chief Secretary- cum – chairperson of the state executive committee of Disaster Management cell on Wednesday has shown concern on blatant violation of COVID norms in public transport and at public places.

It said, “Since massive crowds are thronging the market places by violating social distancing norms the concerned field implementation authorities shall ensure CAB in all crowded places such as shops , malls , market complexes , weekly markets , restaurants and bars, mandis , bus / railway  stations,  public parks,  gardens , gymnasiums, banquet halls , marriage places , sports complexes and all areas identified as hot spots for spread of COVID-19 virus .”

The Disaster Management Cell has also warned “If CAB is not observed the establishment would be liable for fresh restriction and penal action under the Disaster Management ACT and Section 188 of IPC”.

As per these directions no mask no service policy would be observed, people without mask would not be allowed to board any public transport , there would  be continuous focus on five fold strategy of test , track, treat , vaccination,  adherence of CAB and following  SOP guidelines strictly .

There are still 1414 active cases in the state and 209 new cases were reported on Tuesday, Mandi district has highest 318 active cases with 51 new cases.  

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2 thoughts on “State government warns action for violation of COVID norms

  1. Strict action is required including ATM where people enter without following social distancing. At few ATM more than three machines have been installed in a small cabin.

    1. This action is urgently required as maintaining social distancing is very important .

      Thanks Thakur Sahib.

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