Death of a popular film actor Sushant Singh Rajput at his home has opened a Pandora’s Box as many insiders have blamed creation of a situation which forced the actor to take a drastic step of ‘ending life’.

Though, cruel ways of dealing with newcomers and even established actors in Hindi film industry have always been talked about for quite sometime but this is perhaps for the first time beans are being spilled.

  It is a known fact some people born with their parent’s clout get a flying start, be it a film industry or any other profession. Whatever people may talk about equality in opportunities but a person from an established people in that profession becomes more preferred.

Many film actors and other people linked with the Hindi film industry are grumbling over the ‘dominance of a few families or groups ‘in Mumbai film industry. 

This is a genuine concern but can’t be tackled by any outsider but the people in the industry have to fight it out as many of them have been doing in the past.

However, a more serious problem which has come to light is use of ‘Bullying tactics’ prevalent in the Hindi film industry by certain established actors to demolish his or her competitors in the industry.
There is a cut throat competition in the tinsel town as lakhs throng daily here to join this glamorous world.

In an informal chat once movie Queen Kangna Ranaut told about cut throat competition and role of family connection in the Hindi film industry.  

According to the actress, “It definitely makes a big difference if one happens to be the son or daughter of an established film personality but then one has to establish him or herself by sheer hard work and talent; thousands of youngsters come here daily to replace your face and one has to work keeping this fact in mind.” 

But problems arise when established people of the industry use strong arm tactics and so called “mafia” crosses its limits perhaps to which promising actor Sushant Singh Rajput reportedly fell.

Mafias in fields like sports and film industry, where big money and glamour is involved, definitely rules the roost and many times act nasty also. Game of professional boxing in the 1960’s and 70’s in the US was seriously afflicted with the menace as mafias controlled the games and the players.

Even in the Hindi film industry there have been reports of actors and others seeking money and help from mafia dons like Hazi Mastan, Yusuf Patel and Daud Abrahim etc. While few popular actors were accused of seeking help from mafia dons to threaten and terrorize their competitors others have even “blamed” for using their clout to demolish people not liked by certain “big boys” of the industry.  

In fact such reports will have to be tackled by people of the industry themselves as they have been doing by  taking actions against actors and film directors in certain complaints of ‘ conch casting ‘ in the past .

The Central government and state government of Maharashtra should also probe specific allegations being leveled  against certain “ big bullies” through the Central Bureau of Investigation or some other agencies  to bring out truth and mark ‘bad bullies’ to stop fatal consequences of use of strong arms tactics in the Hindi film industry.   Measures should definitely be taken to save promising young people in Hindi film industry.          

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