Showing a rare gesture of goodwill several managers of deities of Mandi district have come forward to give donation to help Himachal Pradesh government in its endeavor to fight the spread of Corona Virus ( COVID -1 9 ).  

Sarva Devta committee, a representative body has donated Rs twenty two lakhs and fifty one thousand in Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, till now.

The deities and their managers get a large amount in donations from the devotees and general public to seek blessings of the deities round the year, besides getting grants from the state government and some of the deities have good cash reserve with them.

To pay back the society in this hour of worldwide pandemic and urgent need of money for creating medical facility, besides providing medical help and food to needy.  And not lagging behind in this hour of worldwide crisis the deities have come forward in donating.  

The Sarva Devta committee contributed Rs 7, 51000 through Additional District Mandi on Friday through a cheque. The management committee of Kamru Nag, the principal deity of Mandi region, has already contributed an amount of Rs ten lakhs directly in the CM’s Solidarity Fund. 

An amount of Rupees one lakh has been contributed by management committee of Dev Hurang Narayan of Chuahar valley, Rs one lakh fifty thousand by Ghadouni Narayan, Koela Devi of Balh Rs one lakh and Vishnu Matloda Shikari Thunag Rs one lakh, besides others.

Shivpal Sharma, president of Sarva Devta committee said, “So far Rs twenty two lakhs fifty one thousand have been contributed in the CM’s Relief Fund.”

He said, “The reserves in coffers of deities have been utilized in the time of  natural calamities and they are committed to contribute liberally in this hour of world pandemic  as many other deities are likely to contribute in the coming days”.

  The Sarva Devta committee has also urged the Dev Samaj to help administration by asking people to follow lock down rules in public interest and also try to help poor people living in their vicinity.

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2 thoughts on “Deities open coffers to donate in Relief Fund

  1. Good to donate but these c.m funds and p.m funds should have transperancy as the funds are used for the needy and not going to be used in elections and other activities

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