The presence of eighteen people from Himachal Pradesh in a religious congregation – Tablighi Jamaat held in Nizamuddin area of New Delhi ,earlier this month, has raised  an alarm in the state.

According to reports six persons from Telangana and four from other regions,    who attended the congregation from March 13 and 15,  have died of corona virus till now and  Delhi police has said about two hundred people have been found with  the virus symptoms and 97 as confirmed cases  of Covid -19.  

People attending the Jamaat from six regions of the country having Corona virus are stated to be linked with those attending the congregation.  About 2000 people from different states of India, including about three hundred foreign nationals, had attended this religious sermon oraganised in a mosque.

Eighteen residents of Himachal Pradesh, fifteen from Chamba, one from Kullu district and two from Sirmour district had reportedly attended the Tablighi Jammat and fifteen of them were stated to be living in Nizamuddin.

Director General of Police SR Mardi said , “ All of these  persons are in Delhi and none of them has come back to Himachal Pradesh ;  people need not worry as we have already sealed borders of the state and nobody from outside the state is being given an entry during the curfew .”

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2 thoughts on “Alarm in Himachal as 18 reportedly attended Tablighi Jamaat at Nijamuddin mosque

  1. Its really a serious issue and needs to be dealt with sternly. It is infact, a criminal act from their part, especially, knowing the facts that, when the hindus have already adheared to the instructions of the govt, then why they haven’t thought of doing so, for the safety of the society in general.
    In Himachal, its a high time that the hideouts of foreigners and tibetians in Dhramshala and kullu are thoroughly checked, immediately by launching series of well planned search operations. Infact during the edge time, just before the imposition of curfew , such communities must have rushed towards these hideouts for undergoing the hibernation for the imminent shutdown as they are well aware that they cant live in isolation for a long, outside of such hideouts as they are in the habit of staying in goups for various reasons.

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