The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), the body manning teacher’s education in the country, has decided to modify the ongoing teachers training courses .i.e. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), Junior Basic Training (JBT) Course and Diploma in Elementary Education (DL.Ed), with a new Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP) of four years duration.

Starting from 2019, all candidates opting to join teaching profession in schools would have to complete this four years ITEP course throughout the country and B. Ed, JBT and DL.Ed would become redundant.

At present all candidates joining teaching jobs in school are required to complete the above courses for teaching assignments in primary and secondary education.

The NCTE has already issued a notification to all teacher training institutes to register their institutes for the new parogramme .i.e. ITEP for the first four year course starting from 2019- 2023 and submit online applications by December 31st.

The NCTE has also made it mandatory to B. Ed colleges running the B.Ed and other teachers training courses to also start M Ed, BA, and as composite course simultaneously along with the ITEP programme and only those colleges which have capacity to run these entire courses would only get permission to start the new programme.

 The student’s keen of joining the ITEP would have option go for two years of four years course as per their interest.

The B. Ed colleges will also have to upgrade their infrastructure as per new norms for the integrated course and a college seeking 50 seats would have to have at least 500 square meters land and a building built on 400 square meters, besides other infrastructure. 

While the B. Ed colleges in the state are apprehensive about starting the new programme the teaching expert tell, “This new ITEP programme would be very beneficial for the students desirous of joining teaching jobs as this programme would save their time and money and they would get a new degree in four years without paying hefty fees to B. Ed colleges. 

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