A basic principle of living in a multi-religious country like India can be no other than tolerance to maintain mutual trust and comunnal harmony among diverse people of the country.
But disturbing incidents, where a section of majority community is trying to thrust different set of rules against the minorities, are being reported.

In a recent incident a principal of a college in Telangana was heckled by  few people on the Independence day as they wanted him to remove his shoes while unfurling the National Flag.
Is any leader been removing his shoes to unfurl the National Flag ? If not, than why the principal was forced to do that. The real reason of  provocation of the hecklers was perhaps the minority status of the principal ?
Such behavior is condemnable as this  is against the principal of equality and attempt to thrust certain rules for the minorities, not a good portent for the unity of India.
People at the helm of affairs should learn something from incident of attempts to establish racial supermacy in American state of Virginia in the background of racial discrimination.

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